Stars + Stripes



Bag, Marc Jacobs / Jacket, AllSaints / Pants, Forever 21 / Shirt, Forever 21 / Shoes, Converse

Stripes as in my new jeans and stars as in the stars of the show, the Marc Jacobs bag and AllSaints leather jacket. I loved these jeans from the moment I saw them, but as soon as I got home it hit me how hard they’d be to style. The first outfit I tried was with a plain white T-shirt and my treasured Converse high-tops. The whites didn’t match, and I felt like there was a more creative way of making the pants work without being so simple. So I swapped the shirt for something of the same cream shade as the pants, threw on a never-fail leather jacket, and I was ready! Really though– leather jackets never fail. xx

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