Your Ultimate 2013 A/W Coat Guide

Alright, I have a confession. Because I can’t have a real winter here, I fantasize about snowy days by looking at Winter Coats. Through this weird obsession I have, I’ve found the best coat trends of the season and the best coats and laid them all out here. So enjoy the cold weather if you’re lucky enough to have it!

White Coats


Who ever said no white after Labor Day? The rules have definitely changed and this is showing up in multiple collections. I am particularly fond of this trend. Plus the clean, modern look of these three coats is to die for!

Leopard Coats


Feeling a little dreary on a cloudy day? Don’t! This fierce print will instantly add some personality to any outfit. I love the boldness of leopard print and always have!

Tartan Coats


Alright, I won’t bore you by going into detail on my favorite pattern again, (I’ve already posted about it multiple times!) but these coats are definitely worth checking out! Zara has an especially good selection of plaid coats which I will definitely be looking into!

PInk Coats


This new trend has got to be one of my favorites from this A/W season. Pink coats?! Who wouldn’t love the girly touch these coats add to your wardrobe?! I especially love the pink and fuzzy one from Topshop (at a semi-affordable price!).
I hope this guide helped you in your quest for your 2013 Winter coat! I’ll be sure to let you guys know when I’ve finally picked out mine. xx

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