Rompers in Winter?

IMG_1675 IMG_1669 IMG_1676 IMG_1684

Romper, Pins and Needles / Turtleneck, Zara / Jacket, Forever 21 / Boots, Topshop

I’ve always been interested in how some people manage to transition summery pieces into winter so seamlessly. After observing many outfits involving a transitioned piece, I’ve noticed a couple of key techniques that always seem to work.

1) Layer things underneath and on top of the piece. I used a turtleneck and a leather jacket to take this light lacey romper and make it a little heavier for winter.

2) Tights are a must. They not only serve the most obvious purpose, which is for warmth, but they also add “weight” to the bottom of your outfit, which is key to dressing for cold weather.

3) Boots add a sense of warmth to any ensemble, no matter what time of year, so it only makes sense to top off (bottom off?) your outfit with a pair of sleek leather boots.

Although people suffering from the polar vortex may not want to test any of these techniques at the moment (I don’t blame you!), hopefully they will come in handy when we’re getting back to normal weather! xx

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