As someone who dreams of the front row at Fashion Week and seeing my name in fashion magazines, I find myself constantly searching for new ways to integrate fashion with my everyday life. This includes finding new blogs, new apps, new stores, and much more. So when I was told about an App called iMerchandise, I couldn’t help but to go check it out.

Although I am not currently employed within the fashion industry, it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate good tools when I see them. iMerchanise is an App for retailers—created by one, but made for all.

iMerchandise makes the wholesale clothing buying process simple and easy for every retailer. Of course I immediately downloaded it upon discovery (it’s free!) and started playing around with it in order to see how it works. I immediately felt inspired to start creating outfits, and I began to wish I was a retailer so I could actually use it for business. Think the Polyvore App, but instead of being made for the consumer, it’s made for the retailer!


People are constantly taking pictures with their phones at fashion shows anyways, and this app makes those photos useable in the buying process. Take a picture, add it to an inspiration board, and make orders right from the App! I don’t know much about this aspect to the industry, but iMerchandise seems to make the entire process simple and fun.

As someone who runs a fashion blog, I figured at least one of my followers out there is involved in this aspect of the fashion industry, and would be interested.

To find out more about iMerchandise, go to

xx, Megan

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