Balancing Act







Trousers, Topshop / Leather Jacket, Hinge / Tee, Zara / Shoes, Converse

I like to think that my style is a somewhat balanced combination of sweet and edgy. Although these are contradicting ideas, I try to create a Ying and Yang feel in every outfit I put myself in. If it’s too preppy, I add my trusty Converse or a pair of boots. If it’s too grunge, I throw on my Katz flats, loafers, or a blazer. When I came across these perfect plaid trousers, I simply had to have them. End of story. But I knew it would be a challenge to create a look that was truly me. So I used all my tricks, and I managed to take these pants and incorporate them into an outfit that encompasses all that I love regarding style. This idea of balance within an outfit is very important to me when crafting an outfit. xx

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