Blouse, Zara / Booties, Sam Edelman / Jeans, Zara / Jacket, Hinge / Bag, H&M

Skinny jeans, booties, and a leather jacket. Could life get any better? Although some might say this is a typical me outfit, they would also say that long baggy blouses are not entirely my scene. They would be right on both counts. I think that when trying out a piece that’s not so much your style, it’s comforting to pair a new piece with the things you’re most comfortable in. That way, you can allow yourself to ease into a new trend that you’re trying out, and you know you’re sticking to your own style. Being bold with the things you wear is one of the best parts about fashion. But if you’re anything like me, there’s hesitation the first time you wear a new trend outside of the house. Is it going to look okay? Am I going to regret this outfit later? Even if it doesn’t, at least you were comfortable! If you do like it, try going even bolder the next time around. xx

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