Attendee Inspired







Coat, Zara / Shirt, Zara / Jeans, H&M / Boots, Jeffrey Campbell / Bag, April in Paris

With New York Fashion Week soon coming to a close and London Fashion Week soon to start, I thought it fitting to do a blog post or two about arguably some of the most important weeks in the fashion industry. I’ve noticed throughout the past couple of Fashion Week seasons that Street Style has become a major part of the Fashion Week experience. Blogs and magazines don’t solely report on what goes on in the tents anymore– they also report on what people are wearing outside of them. With the vast variety of people and looks in NYC, it’s hard not to get inspired by this exciting time. If I were lucky enough to attend a show or two, I can imagine I might wear something like this. The range from casual to dressy is larger than one might expect, and I think that is part of what makes what the attendees are wearing so interesting. xx

P.S. Expect a post about my favorite collections from this New York Fashion Week soon! (There were a lot, so brace yourselves).

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