Style Identity Crisis?

Everybody’s style shifts and develops. It’s inevitable. But every once in a while, I find myself slightly stressing about how fast this change is occurring, or swinging back and forth. I like to call these episodes “style identity crises,” and I’ve definitely had my fair share of them.

At the moment my crisis is that I feel that my summer style is just not cohesive with the way I dress in the winter. Of course this often happens when weather dictates what you wear, but there are people that are able to skillfully take their style and can apply it to both seasons. These people not so coincidentally happen to be my style icons.

I have one solution for these confusing predicaments: acceptance. It’s hard for me to accept that I look like two completely different people two days in a row—but it must be done. How one dresses entirely depends on how they feel that day. There is also something to admire in the fact that people can have so many looks that apply to so many people. As a blogger, this especially helps in that there are a lot more readers that my blog could potentially resonate with.

So who cares if one day you look like a rock band groupie and the next day you look like an Audrey Hepburn wannabe?  If that’s how you feel and the shoe fits, there’s no stopping you. xx


2 thoughts on “Style Identity Crisis?

  1. and I thought that I’m the only one who feel like that! it’s honestly really funny. in the summer I wear almost always colorful clothes and in the winter suddenly I find myself wearing leather jackets and some kinds of army boots.
    love the post xx

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