Buried Treasure









Coat, Burberry / Hat, Hudson’s Bay Company / Shoes, Converse / Long t-shirt, Aritzia / Jeans, American Apparel

As I frantically scanned the collective family rack of unused clothes for something to wear, my eyes landed on this beautiful Burberry coat that I had never laid eyes on before. Obviously this was an exciting moment for me, because who wouldn’t get excited over a Burberry Coat? I couldn’t wait to try it on and put my own twist on the classic long black coat with the Peter Pan collar. As I have spoken about in the past, I like to try to take something that isn’t necessarily my style and make it interesting by wearing all typical “me pieces” with it. My Converse (although a new and brighter pair) and a beanie paying homage to the Canadian Olympic team seemed to do the trick. xx

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