My Spring Favorites!

Spring Favorites
Hi everyone! As it seems many are experiencing the transition into Spring at the moment, I thought it would be appropriate to let you guys know what I plan on stocking up on for this season!
1. My obsession with slip on sneakers hasn’t subsided, and I plan on buying at least one more pair in preparation for those spontaneous need-to-leave-the-house-immediatly spring moments!
2. Last summer I purchases my first ever pair of overalls towards the end of the summer, so I never really got to try them out! But the days I did wear them were the comfiest days of my summer.
3. This spring I plan on wearing more loose-fitting fabric shorts than usual, mostly because of the wide array of fabrics and colors you can get them in, but it doesn’t hurt that they’re extremely comfortable as well!
4. I’ve definitely been seeing a lot of bright pastel bags lately, and I’m loving it!
5. Interesting lip colors has also been on my radar recently, I’ve already boughten a new lip pencil from Nars!
6. The Fujifilm camera I probably won’t buy, but those who have them take the absolute best pictures in Spring and Summer! Definitely Tumblr famous worthy.
7. I’m loving all the new funky shapes and colors in sunglasses!
8. My classic denim cutoffs could not not make the cut, so of course I had to post a couple of pairs that I’m looking at. This spring though I intend on getting a pair with a tailored bottom as opposed to the frayed mess that I usually get.
9. I’ll be wearing gold rings almost everyday!
10. Last but not least, some substantial boots for the bottom of your outfit can’t be forgotten. Some bulky boots with a floral flowy dress = my dream spring outfit!
Hope this helped you guys! If you didn’t notice, my spring wardrobe is going to be very colorful! I went through a monochrome minimalist phase a while back, and I’m ready for color to re-enter my wardrobe this Spring! xx

2 thoughts on “My Spring Favorites!

  1. Thanks Meg, great advise! I’ve already purchase a tiny pale blue bag for Gab’s bday. Happy I’m on the right track!

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