Festival Daydreams








Pants, Kendall and Kylie X Pacsun / Shirt, GoJane / Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs

My festival inspiration continues! The first thing that was said to me when I walked out in this outfit was, “Megan, you don’t normally wear outfits like that!” It’s true – I’m not usually the type to embrace an extremely colorful hippy-esque look. But that’s the beauty of festivals! People can pull off practically anything and wear the craziest outfits and are still able to call it fashion. I like to think of it as taking who you are to the extreme. Sieze the opportunity to take your stylistic interests and elevate them to the next level; to create something really worth remembering. xx

6 thoughts on “Festival Daydreams

  1. your festival inspiration posts are honestly the best, you should post more outfit in this style, you look so good on them! xx

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