It’s Official… It’s Swimsuit Season

Swimsuits 2014
It’s official ladies, swimsuit season is around the corner! And while some may view this time of a year as a frantic race to get into shape for all the instagramming we’ll be doing this summer, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate all the cute bathing suit trends that have become popular this year. Above is a selection of my favorite swimsuit trends, including the ever-more-popular brand Triangl (I will definitely be investing in one of their bathing suits, they’re all adorable!), the flowy-top look, and the elegantly simple black two piece bikini! I’m also digging the fact that one-pieces are making a cool and fashionable comeback, and the fact that florals aren’t limited to the tropics anymore.
And of course, what’s a bathing suit without all your must-have beach and pool accessories? So below is a collection of my favorite summer essentials, including sunscreen, because you can never be too safe! xx
Untitled #528

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