Let’s Talk About Birks

After finally posting an outfit including my Birkenstocks yesterday, I thought it fitting to finally have a real discussion about the somewhat controversial shoe. Some call Birkenstocks the “new ugg boot,” but I have to disagree. Not only do Birkenstocks bring every outfit down to earth in a cool, flattering way, but the shoe has to be the most forgiving trend to come out of the sandal industry to date. Think about the last pair of sandals you bought because they were featured in your favorite magazine. Are they that comfortable? Probably not. The truth is, however, even if you are on board with Birkenstocks, it’s a fact that they are hard to style in such a way that keeps them stylish. Below are a few ways I plan to style my Birkenstocks this summer, hopefully they inspire you! xx

Untitled #544
Untitled #543
Untitled #542
Untitled #541

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