It’s a Skirt Thing

IMG_2894 IMG_2895




Skirt, Zara / Jacket, Earl Jeans / Necklace, Tiffany and Co. / Boots, Dr. Martens

In all honesty, I’m not much of a skirt person. To me they’re a little more hassle than they’re worth and I always find myself adjusting and pulling them around. But, just like everything else, I can make an exception. This skirt really stood out to me for multiple reasons, and yes, the color scheme is one of them! They other main reason I love the skirt is that it has that tuxedo skirt flare without the formality of a tuxedo skirt, which I absolutely love. I also must acknowledge this amazing jean jacket by Earl Jeans that got handed down to me! The fit and color are perfect – a new summer staple! xx

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