Summer Essentials





Dress, Swaychic / Sandals, Swaychic / Bag, Kate Spade / Sunnies, Ray Ban

Shift dresses and platform sandals. After a long consultation with my summer inspirations, I have come to the definite conclusion that these are my two favorite summer trends, and I will be sporting them as often as I can. The beauty of slip or shift dresses lies within their simplicity. You could, for example, pair this dress with a pair of chucks and a jean jacket for an Americana, “girl next door,” type of look. Or, you could throw a leather jacket on with some minimalistic heels and you have a lovely outfit for the evening. The shift dress can be whatever you need it to be, and for this reason, I need it. The platform sandals are a little more indulgent – surprise surprise, they are not as versatile as one would think! But they’re so cool and add so much umph to an outfit instantly. xx

P.S. Check out this post as part of a summer blogger feature on!

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