Airport Approved






Bag, Longchamp / Jeans, H&M / Tank, Asos / Sweater, Urban Outfitters / Birkenstocks

Seeing as I’m traveling today, I thought it fitting that I make a proper travel post! My ideal travel outfit includes shoes that are easy to take off, comfortable bottoms, layers on top, and all the while maintaining an effortlessly chic look for the trip! Of course, the bag is pretty much the most important part. This beautifully colored Longchamp was a gift from some amazing friends and I could not be more excited to use it! Longchamps, while they’re overall quality bags, are especially useful for occasions where you need space in your bag. They’re my go-to travel companion! See what’s in my bag below:

Untitled #589

7 thoughts on “Airport Approved

  1. Fantastic look Meg, especially love how you pull such different items together! Oh and that bag!! xo

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