Neutrals and a Giveaway!








Trench, H&M / Dress, Swaychic / Bag, Steve Madden

This is a personal outfit favorite of mine, for many reasons. I love the trench, I love the dress, and I love the way I’ve managed to make the trench casual with my converse!

In other news, you may be wondering why the tag is still on this fabulous Steve Madden bag I’ve got. The answer is, it’s not mine! It, along with some other goodies, are waiting to be won by my fab followers like you! For full giveaway details, check out this post from my Tumblr, with the full set of rules and prizes! Unfortunately the entire giveaway will be handled on my Tumblr, so no following or re-blogging will be counted on WordPress, I’m sorry!! (Hopefully you guys have Tumblr’s though!) Good luck everybody! xx

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