So lately I’ve definitely been taking inspiration from edgier vibes, and my recent interest in intense rings has definitely revealed this. Anything large and glaring in terms of rings is perfect for my taste right now, as shown above! I think the idea of pairing some really darkly themed jewelry with less showy outfits is a really interesting look to play with. For instance, I’d probably pair that large skull ring above with a simple, monochrome outfit. Now I’ve got the inspiration, I just need some new jewelry! xx

2 thoughts on “Ring-Spiration

  1. Wow! We love what you’re doing with your blog! We like to blog about fashion as well so if you’re interested you should check out our site and give us a follow. Have a great day 🙂
    lots of love from seattle,
    alexis and athina.
    p.s. all those rings are to die for… love the skull.

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