Aritzia’s #FallforUs

Aritzia Picks
It’s officially the most exciting time of year for the fashion industry. September issues are lining the shelves, designers are finalizing their runways for fashion week – NYFW is in full swing – and promotional Fall shoots are coming at you from every angle. So it’s no surprise that this time of year is one of the only times of year where I appreciate the promotional emails I receive on a daily basis. This morning, one such email caught my eye. Aritzia has a new campaign entitled “#FallforUs,” where they ask their customers to tell them what they’re falling for from their new arrivals. I will most definitely be contributing, but I thought I may as well share with you all what I have fallen in love with from Aritzia’s new fall arrivals! Aritzia never fails, especially this season.
1. Talula Beckledge Leopard Coat – I’m looooving leopard faux fur this season, don’t be surprised when you see me in it soon!
2. Babaton Cullen Sweater – Your basic, clean-lined sweater that very wonderfully goes with everything.
3. Babaton Lydon Cowl Scarf – The perfect addition to any outfit.
4. Six Eleven Mini MC Duffle Bag – Love the classic nature of the bag while remaining easy to use in its satchel form.
5. Levi Strauss & Co. Boyfriend Rockslide – You can never have too many pairs of boyfriend jeans!
6. TNA Fryatt Cape – Capes are back and better than ever and they’re simply irresistible.
7. Wilfred Free Valade Faux Leather Pant – Leather pants are becoming more versatile by the day, and who doesn’t want to look like the badass Sandy from Grease that we all love?!
8. Talula Hedran Skirt – Loving pleated skirts this season, you’ll be spotting me in one very soon.
9. Six Eleven Xander Backpack Bag – Leather backpacks are the epitome of cool university student style.
10. Community Aevum Pant – These flattering joggers are perfect for a chic, laid back look for classes this fall.

2 thoughts on “Aritzia’s #FallforUs

  1. I’m so glad you posted this because I’m pretty much obsessing over fall and it’s trends. I didn’t really know too much about Aritzia’s new line for fall until recently. And can I just say, it’s the epidemy of my ideal fall wardrobe. I just posted a bit about it in my most recent post. If you’d like to scope it out.


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