Tennis Skirt, American Apparel / Turtleneck, Zara (similar) / Flannel, Thrifted (similar) / Jacket, Earl’s Jeans / Dr. Martens

Shameless and silly selfies, because what else should you be doing with your time at University? (Oh, right…) Regardless, I’ve been feeling like I’ve neglected the blog while being in Montreal for long enough. Using old pictures just isn’t gonna cut it when I’ve got endless inspiration right outside my door. The style game here is insane, I can barely keep up with the locals! The european vibes lend themselves to an outrageously stylish community, and one cannot help but to learn something new from every fashion-forward person you pass on the street. I’m hoping that this outfit channels some of the incredible european vibes I’ve been getting since I got here, much more Montreal inspo to come! xx

P.S.  Finally linking some of the stuff I’m wearing, so now you can actually shop my looks too!

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