Why I Loved the Chanel S/S ’15 Show and Why You Should Too


chanel collage

Imagine: the lucky attendants of the Chanel S/S ’15 show are just getting over the fashion genius they have just witnessed, and are ready for the typical fashion show finale, but instead of models walking the catwalk in single file one last time, they get something much different.


All the models come back out with signs, banners, and Chanel megaphones, forming a mass crowd parading down the Boulevard Chanel. Model and personality icon Cara Delevingne takes charge at the front, yelling “What do we want?” and “When do we want it?” with the other models passionately responding. The signs read “He for She” (a nod to the UN’s new campaign and Emma Watson’s speech), “History is Her Story,” and many other feminism-centered phrases. Following the true 70’s theme of the collection, the models are protesting.

chanel 4

For all those interested in fashion, we must thank Karl Lagerfeld and his army of passionate models. Too often the fashion industry is associated with shallow, materialistic beliefs. The materialism part is certainly true, indeed it is what the industry is based off of. But for some reason every time I describe myself as seriously interested in fashion to someone that evidently is not, how do they end up making me feel like my credibility as an intelligent human being has gone down a little bit? Certainly models must feel this on a daily basis, with people judging their careers to be professional dolls. This protest was an opportunity for models to show that they care about their rights as a woman just as much as anybody else, and that their profession does not define their beliefs, their social intelligence, or personality. Actually, it was an opportunity for everyone in the fashion industry to do so.


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