Jacket, AllSaints / Sweater, Urban Outfitters / Hat, Topshop / Jeans, Urban Outfitters / Bag, Topshop / Boots, Steve Madden

Day 1 of 365. A new leaf. A fresh start. However you phrase it, the first day of the year represents a chance to start again from scratch in whatever aspect of your life you so desire. For me, along with my usual “be healthy,” “study harder” resolutions, day 1 of 365 opens up infinite opportunities for inspiration. The idea of the year lying ahead brings forth thousands of ideas for different ways to reinvent yourself, and for me, that begins with my style. This outfit is a fair representation of where my sense of style is now, with its two-toned palette and casual vibes that I picked up somewhere in my first semester at University. It is also where my 2015 style evolution will take off from, and I can’t wait to see where it goes! Happy New Year everybody, and good luck with all of your new year’s inspirations and resolutions!


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