Bringing it Back







Madewell Blouse / Cindy and Johnny Coat / Free People Boots / Topshop Jeans

As my return to Montreal quickly approaches (I go back next week!), I can’t help but reflect on simply how much my style has changed over the past year. Throughout the winter I made a strong, urban statement, with my docs, 90% black wardrobe, and a lot of leather. Returning to San Francisco for the summer (especially this summer, a small stylistic revival of the 70’s) completely shifted my wardrobe from dark to dreamy and ethereal, leaving me in a bit of fashion limbo as I prepare myself for the ’15 A/W season.

This outfit, though a little more retro than urban, is a small attempt to integrate these two looks I’ve possessed and loved. Pairing the mom jeans and the structured jacket with a peasant blouse and brown suede creates a nice fusion of boho and street, and I will continue to merge these starkly different strong stylistic feelings of mine for the rest of the season.


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