This is Halloween

So if you guys are anything like me, you have probably only juuuuust started to think about what the hell you’re going to wear this weekend. And, if you’re actually me, you don’t really feel like going out to spend a bunch of money on a non-reusable outfit. So, my friends, I’ve come up with two costume ideas that are actually pretty awesome for being last minute – and free.


Being a huge fan of Grease, James Dean, and The Outsiders, costume #1 is pretty much a dream. Going as a “Greaser” is a perfect excuse to wear a leather jacket on Halloween, and you seriously get to channel an inner badass.


What you need:

A leather jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans, black boots, a belt with a noticeable buckle (optional), and something you can fashion as a neck tie. Tell me you don’t have like 90% of those items already.


Beyond what you’re wearing, being a greaser is also a fun excuse to curl your hair to near-perm status and wear a bright red lip just like badass Sandy at the end of Grease.


Costume #2 might be a little hard to get across outside of the U.S., but I’m gonna go for it anyways up here in Montreal. In case you didn’t know, “Rosie the Riveter” is the classic WWII icon – the woman on that poster telling all women that, “We can do it!” This costume is also very easy to accomplish.


What you need:

DENIMMMMM. Denim top, jeans, denim jacket, literally anything denim! A denim utility jumpsuit is ideal for this costume but remember that we’re on a budget here, and I’ve got midterms! Not exactly a recipe for Halloween shopping. (Of course, if you have a denim utility jumpsuit already – wear it.)

The real giveaway of this costume is the bandana for your hair. The one I have happens to be the ideal classic red bandana, but anything you can fashion as a bandana will do.

As for shoes, I’m going with classic black Converse, but any work-boot or Converse will do!


Again, go crazy on the beauty side. When else do you have an excuse to wear hair and makeup like they did in the 40’s?! I’ll definitely be attempting the pin-up hairdo and a red lip – again.


I hope this gave you a little inspiration for any last minute Halloween costumes you may need. Have a happy Halloween!!



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