Her Campus McGill


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be featured on Her Campus McGill! This is my first interview, ever, so needless to say I was pretty excited to see my face pop up on their homepage. I discuss my blog, my position as Director of Communications for the Fashion Business Uncovered Committee, my inspirations, and more!

Gabrielle Lee Gabauer for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): For readers who don’t know, what exactly is FBU?

Megan Munroe (MM): FBU, or Fashion Business Uncovered, is a one-day long conference that aims to reveal the inner workings of the fashion industry, going beyond the glamorous models and fashion designers. Some stellar speakers we’ve featured in the past include Pierre Blondeau, the CFO of Chanel, and Anna Martini, the President of Group Dynamite.

HC McGill: Fashion is obviously a huge passion of yours, and you also have a super successful fashion blog, ‘theClosetCraze’. When did you start that up?

MM: I started theClosetCraze back in April of 2013, but back then it was just a Tumblr account and I wasn’t super serious about it. During the summer of 2014, I started putting more effort into my posts and began to see some growth!

To read more, check out the full article here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.30.35 PM
Me on the front page of something other than this blog!!!!

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