It’s Magic

Guess who just finished school for the summer? Guess who just moved apartments?

The answer is this girl. Which is why I haven’t posted in a month! But I’m back now, rest assured – I’m meeting up with my photographer this afternoon to shoot a couple of looks! But for now, I’ll leave you guys with these photos of my beautiful Free People velvet maxi jacket that I received for Christmas. (To be honest, I really don’t know why I haven’t posted earlier about it) .

IMG_6946 IMG_6953

A jacket like this is one I’ll have forever. While at first I struggled with the concept of wearing it in public (which I have yet to do as I wait for the perfect occasion), finally mustering up the confidence to do so might be the beginning of me wearing it every single day. As my brother put so well, it has the potential to become my “Penny Lane coat” – a symbol of me. But all this is hypothetical. For now, these pictures of me wearing the coat in my (old) bedroom are the reality. Hopefully, not for long!

IMG_6957 IMG_6960 IMG_6964 IMG_6967

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