Paris: A Photo Diary

“Then, Paris:

Misty, blurred, bright. Feeling like your entire existence is on black and white film. Water hangs in the air, suspended indefinitely just above pavement and cobblestones. Angry Frenchmen pay me no attention as they scurry down sidewalks; places to go and baguettes to eat.

Romance is everywhere; it fills rooms and dominates energies. Romance for lovers, romance for adventure, romance for all the enlightening sights and sounds I’ve discovered. This city’s romance knows no bounds. It’s not just for the couples; Paris is for the romantics, paired or not.

When I think of you, Paris, I will think of delicate lace, wet cobblestones, and too much bread. I will wistfully remember the clicking of heels on streets at 4 am. Laughter over a bottle of wine and a rude waiter. Speechlessness when I want to say something, and moments when I didn’t feel the need at all – like that night we watched the Eiffel Tower light up in all of her splendor.

I will always remember the day you served me all of my idols on a silver platter, walking down the street following a fashion show I will one day attend. The empowerment I felt in that moment, it can only be felt in a city like you.

Getting lost in your city streets didn’t taste like panic like it usually does; it felt like freedom vibrating across my skin and the rain acted as my guide. I explored with an intensity, feverishly eager for all the knowledge and experiences you had to offer.

Paris, most importantly you taught me that my greatest love is and will always will be with myself. Me and only me. I and only I can teach myself what I am worth. And Paris, with you I am worth everything.” – Journal entry, March 4th, 2017.

Desire To Move, Outfits with Movement

This is my favorite photoshoot to date.

Favorite stretch of road, favorite dress, favorite time of day… Everything is pretty much ideal. I’ve been really inspired by the idea of flying by the seat of your pants recently, and even though I’m stuck in a library during most of my spare time, it’s nice to look at pictures like these and revisit those wistful notions again. They can inspire even the littlest of things, like a trip to a new coffee shop or area of town – there’s loads of new places to discover here in Montreal and sometimes you just need that little extra push to get out of the house and move.

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I feel like my more recent posts have reflected that – a desire to move, shown through outfits with movement. Forget the backdrop, I don’t think you’d see an outfit like this on somebody totally content with being stuck in one place for a while.

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It’s pretty convenient that I’ve been getting this cliche wanderlust, though, because I just found out that I’ll be spending a semester abroad in Edinburgh next Winter! It’s a whole year away but I’m confident the time will pass quickly, as it has been lately.

There isn’t much else to say, so I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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