Paris: A Photo Diary

“Then, Paris:

Misty, blurred, bright. Feeling like your entire existence is on black and white film. Water hangs in the air, suspended indefinitely just above pavement and cobblestones. Angry Frenchmen pay me no attention as they scurry down sidewalks; places to go and baguettes to eat.

Romance is everywhere; it fills rooms and dominates energies. Romance for lovers, romance for adventure, romance for all the enlightening sights and sounds I’ve discovered. This city’s romance knows no bounds. It’s not just for the couples; Paris is for the romantics, paired or not.

When I think of you, Paris, I will think of delicate lace, wet cobblestones, and too much bread. I will wistfully remember the clicking of heels on streets at 4 am. Laughter over a bottle of wine and a rude waiter. Speechlessness when I want to say something, and moments when I didn’t feel the need at all – like that night we watched the Eiffel Tower light up in all of her splendor.

I will always remember the day you served me all of my idols on a silver platter, walking down the street following a fashion show I will one day attend. The empowerment I felt in that moment, it can only be felt in a city like you.

Getting lost in your city streets didn’t taste like panic like it usually does; it felt like freedom vibrating across my skin and the rain acted as my guide. I explored with an intensity, feverishly eager for all the knowledge and experiences you had to offer.

Paris, most importantly you taught me that my greatest love is and will always will be with myself. Me and only me. I and only I can teach myself what I am worth. And Paris, with you I am worth everything.” – Journal entry, March 4th, 2017.

Purposeful Calm

With the summer here in Vancouver feeling more like a winter in California, I’ve recently been finding myself in the pursuit of calm rather than excitement. That said, I’ve also been struggling to find the right balance between sereneness and boredom.

I can happily now tell you that I have found the solution to my dilemma in the awe-inspiring nature of BC.

Because this is a fashion blog: Zara Tank / Minkpink Cardigan / Topshop Jeans / Vans / Pendleton Neckscarf

IMG_3826 IMG_3825

It’s no surprise – BC is famous for its enchanting temperate rainforests and chilled waters. Through getting better acquainted in my new environment, I have found the perfect marriage of adventurous and tranquil experiences.

IMG_3827 IMG_3828

Porteau Cove is one such destination where I find myself feeling not only unbelievably calm, but also that I’ve achieved something for the day. I’ve never been one for relaxing – I am one of those embarrassingly annoying people who has to always be doing something otherwise I turn into an anxious pile of mush – but that doesn’t mean I don’t need some rejuvenation every once in a while.

IMG_3830 IMG_3831

Of course, music is crucial for mood-setting. So here’s what I listen to when I’m attempting to achieve a purposeful sense of calm:




Made Well

So here it is, the last post from California (for a while, anyways) as promised!

This was actually the first shoot I did in these jeans a while back. My initial styling of them of course carried a weighty 70’s vibe, as shown here.

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Madewell Jeans, Vans Tee, Free People Boots

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Obviously a flare jean is a nod to the past, but I find that a super wide leg looks almost costume-y in this day and age. That’s why I love this subtle interpretation of the trend – the mini-boot on these jeans lets you experiment a little, but on a jean you can keep for a long time.

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6 States, 6 Days: Part V

Yellowstone National Park.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of it at first. Our first impression was what we saw as we came in through its southern entrance – meaning we had to drive for 2 hours through a vast forest of scraggly evergreen trees. I won’t blame this part of the forest for the wildfire it had to endure not too long ago, but I was not in awe as I had been while viewing the Grand Teton National Park.

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But, as things usually go, I was proved wrong but nature. Once the forest cleared for the first time, I could finally see the beauty and I finally understood what made this park so special.

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There’s something about Yellowstone that is still so natural. Virtually untouched by man – once you get off the two lane road that runs through the park – it emits a sort of calm that I’ve never experienced before.

It holds knowledge that we can’t comprehend, and contains stories that we’ll never hear. It exists in its own microcosm within our world, unaware of the troubles we humans face outside of its borders. The herds of bison have no regard for our troubles, and the many bears that live there were happier than we were to avoid an encounter. Yellowstone exists for the livelihood of its inhabitants, and that is what makes it such a beautiful escape for us mere humans.

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So yea, that was Yellowstone.

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And that’s it for the road trip!

You may be sitting here wondering – what the hell were the 6 states? By the time we reached our destination of Vancouver, we drove through: Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Not even to mention we had to drive across California to begin the trip! Now I’m settled into Vancouver for the summer and you can expect a post from here soon. Before then, though, look forward to one of my favorite shoots from back home in California!