Impromptu Suit

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Blazer, Topshop / Pants, American Eagle / Shirt, Forever 21 / Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs / Shoes, Converse / Rings, Urban Outfitters / Hat, Nordstrom

Believe it or not, I did not actually buy these two pieces to go together. But when I noticed how the colors are virtually identical, I couldn’t resist creating my own casual “suit” (if I’m even allowed to call it that?). Matching sets have always tempted me, whether it be a skirt with a crop top, or just a plain old suit. This outfit crashed those two ideas together, creating a casual and fun outfit that can work for many, many occasions. If you’re ever a little unsure of what to wear, a matching set will do the trick. xx


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Moto Pants, American Eagle / Blouse, H&M / Jean Jacket, Gap / Shoes, Converse / Hat, H&M

Today’s outfit is probably the epitome of a “me” outfit. I love to mix slightly rebellious pieces with girly touches, but the overall tone of the outfit is much more edgy than not. These moto pants are a new favorite addition to my wardrobe. I needed some color in my wardrobe, and I also needed some new pants. But I was definitely hesitant to buy colored pants, because let’s face it; the last pair of colored pants I wore were my hot pink skinny jeans from 6th Grade. The thing I love about green, however, is that it acts as a sort of denim. It’s neutral for the most part, unless you intend to highlight the color with the rest of what you’re wearing. We’ve been seeing army green a lot lately,  and army green is great, but I’d suggest going  for something evergreen, like my pants! xx