Pumpkin Picking

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Jacket, Bershka / Scarf, American Eagle / T-shirt, Topshop / Jeans, American Apparel / Shoes, Converse

Finally an excuse to wear a scarf! Despite the fact that weather in the Bay Area is still too high for coats and hats, an hour long drive can cure that. The pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay are simply endearing, and it felt so nice to do something “Autumny.”  On days when I just can’t figure out what to wear this is my go-to outfit. Jeans and a t-shirt is a comfortable combo but it can be done up in such a variety of ways. You can throw on a pair of flats and a cool blazer or a leather jacket and Chucks and it’ll always look good. xx

Union Jack



Sweater, Bershka / Jeans, H&M / Shoes, BCBG

My cap goes off to whoever created the prettiest flag in the world – in my opinion. After searching high and low for a sweater bearing the infamous Union Jack, I finally came across one in Prague of all places. I created this outfit with the idea that sometimes you can work it so that a baggy outfit can actually make you come across as not a bag lady. The little bit of polish added by the shoes doesn’t hurt, either.