But What Do I Wear on Black Friday?!

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Jacket, H&M / T-Shirt, Topshop / Jeans, American Apparel / Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs / Boots, H&M

Hi all! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving, and a very good Black Friday! Many fashion blogs write about Black Friday shopping guides this time of year, and that is extremely helpful and much appreciated by me. But I started thinking about Black Friday  on Thursday night, and I suddenly began to fret over what I was going to wear! With every store being in a frenzy for the best deals, it can be stressful attempting to try on everything you like. So I made a fool proof outfit that is perfect for Black Friday, or any big sale.

1) Be comfortable! I always want to feel my best when shopping, and an uncomfortable outfit isn’t going to help me with that.

2) Wear pants that are easy to take off. It takes the stress level down by a factor of 1000.

3) Wear shoes that are slip-ons. Don’t waste any precious shopping time undoing laces or a buckle!

4) T-shirts are recommended. They’re the easiest type of shirt to take off, and if you want to try on a jacket or a sweater, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it on in the middle of the store.

5) It may sound odd, but make sure you’re fresh and clean for your day shopping! There’s nothing that can make a shopping experience worse than feeling gross.

6) Finally, make sure your outfit fits all these requirements while remaining extra stylish. If you happen to get into a fight over a pair of shoes, the opponent will know how much you deserve them if you’re dressed better than them!

Hope this guide helps you in your future sale endeavors, and good luck! xx