Classically Cool








Jacket, H&M (similar) / Jeans, Abercombie and Fitch / Bag, LF / Scarf, H&M (similar) / Turtleneck, H&M (similar)

It’s no secret that black is the best color (shade, whatever), especially if you’re trying to create a cute outfit in an instant. It’s also no secret that a leather jacket functions well in this context as well. So as a Uni student who needs something to be thrown together in ten minutes for class, there could not be a better prototype of an outfit. Black leather on black is always a classically chic combination, and its easy. You don’t even have to be a student to pull it off! Anybody can wear it, it works for almost any occasion, and its, quite simply, just plain cool. xx

P.S. Happy October everyone! The leaves are turning and pumpkins are already out, how can you not be excited?

The Best Color









Jumpsuit, Topshop / Turtleneck Sweater, H&M / Boots, Topshop / Necklaces, found in a market in Turkey

There’s certainly something to be said about how wonderful it is to sometimes wear an entirely black outfit. Black is classic, flattering, and it’s always in style. As Christian Dior once stated so well, “Black is the most slimming of colors. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You could wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black.” It’s always fun to experiment with this season’s colors and patterns, but never forget to take a breather once in a while and return to the best color of all: black. xx

Never Too Much Leather

IMG_1072 IMG_1090IMG_1089IMG_1094 IMG_1103IMG_1097

Turtleneck, Zara / Jeans, American Apparel / Leather Jacket, Hinge / Leather Baseball Cap, Nordstrom / Shoes, Chinese Laundry

I recently got this leather baseball cap at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, and despite my initial hesitation to wear it out, I have actually worn it multiple times! It’s officially that time of year again when wearing all black is totally okay. Along with that, I have also started to become more daring in my black outfits. When you’re completely monotone you have to come up with another way to make your outfits interesting. To achieve this, this year I’m going to add touches of leather whenever I can! A sleek leather jacket or a daring leather cap is all you need to take your black outfits to the next level, and I intend to do so! xx


Let’s Smile, Ladies!

IMG_0914 IMG_0838 IMG_0861 IMG_0907 IMG_0868


Sweater, Urban Outfitters / Jeans, American Apparel / Boots, Boutique in Spain

The other day I came across a blog photography advice blog. She made sure to note that in most fashion blogs, nobody smiles! I do have to agree that this is true. Although I personally love the look of a serious face on fashion blogs, I thought I’d try it out! It can’t hurt to actually smile for the camera once in a while! Comment and let me know what you think!

As for the outfit, I went simple and all black  for a day in Napa Valley. Who says that wearing all black is bad? xx