Trend Talk

Let’s talk about trends.

(It’s no secret that off-the-shoulder shirts are 110% on trend right now.)

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Zara Shirt / Free People Jeans, Boots / UO Scarf / YSL Sunnies

I read an article on Man Repeller (a personal favorite source of up-to-date fashion information and inspiration) the other day, and as I clicked out of my browser, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. The gist of the article (I will spare you having to read it) is that off-the-shoulder shirts are gone, even faster than they arrived. Not only that, but there were undertones implicating that if you were seen in one, it would be damaging to one’s image should they consider themselves to be part of the fashion world.

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Things that are trendy are trendy for a reason. I’ll bet that the author had plenty of off-the-shoulder shirts stashed away in her closet being a writer for Man Repeller, and she even expresses her remorse for losing the spark.

So why should I be embarrassed to wear a piece that too many people can relate to?

 I happen to know the answer – because people are obsessed with the idea of being original. As soon as the famous girls of Instagram have caught on to a trend, the trend is dead to anybody remotely involved in the fashion industry. I too have caught myself gagging at pictures of girls at Coachella wearing trends I once cherished (cue Sunhats and crochet crop tops).

But in the last couple of months I have reached a conclusion that comforts me in this era of “fast fashion.” Be yourself. Being original isn’t about wearing something nobody’s worn before. It’s about wearing something like nobody has before.

Aspiring towards being one-of-a-kind means you’re just going to have to try a little harder. Take those trends you love and make them your own. Nobody can emulate the exact way you tuck your shirt or tie your laces.

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Maybe what I tasted was bitterness after heavily investing in this trend only to realize it was already over. But I like my off-the-shoulder shirts, my 70’s suede boots, and my cropped flare jeans. So I will wear them, and continue to wear them, regardless of the implications on the sartorial image I project.

As long as I feel like myself.

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Free People Poncho, Jeans / Asos Coat / Jeffrey Campbell Booties

It’s officially cold here in Montreal which means that this poncho can now go over my fall coats to double the warmth. The coziness that this thing brings is unreal, and its festive colors bring me suuuuch joy in these favorite Fall months of mine. Whenever I wear the poncho, however, the rest of the outfit has to be plain Jane otherwise I look like a maniac. This goes for pretty much any patterned poncho, in my opinion. So when I do break this piece out, I make sure to keep it simple with dark jeans, black boots, and either a black sweater or simple jacket underneath.

I would especially recommend a poncho as we head into the cold season – the amount of wear you’ll get out of it is way more than expected and the extra layer of warmth it brings is priceless!


One Coat, Two Ways


Warning: There’s a lot of pictures today. Enjoy!













Photos: Haley LeBaron

Coat, Free People / Jeans, Free People / Sweater, H&M / Backpack, Urban Outfitters / Boots, Jeffrey Campbell

Okay – so as noted, I’m posting a lot more pictures than usual. But after seeing them can you blame me?! Last week I teamed up with blogger friend-fellow Montreal resident-photographer Haley, and it was seriously a match made in heaven. We’re so happy with how the pictures turned out and are so excited to continue working together!

Now, with regards to the outfit – by now you’re probably used to me wearing a ton of Free People, and now that I’ve been exposed to it that probably won’t stop. This “car coat” is the new keystone to my wardrobe. I actually can throw it over everything, and it immediately adds an element of cool effortlessness that I love. The title says “One Coat, Two Ways” – so you can definitely expect another post coming at you featuring this staple!


End of Summer

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Free People Dress / Free People Shoes / Urban Outfitters Hat / YSL Sunnies

This outfit was supposed to have a leather jacket, but the weather really wasn’t having any of it. I’m now in Montreal and even though it’s September I don’t even think I could get away with wearing this much clothing in the weather we’re getting up here! (Meaning, it’s really hot and will be it seems for a while).

Even though I’ve got fall on the mind and my last two posts exemplify this, I guess I’ll just have to accept the hot weather and try to appreciate it while it lasts.