Chilly Knees








Coat, Asos / Sweater, Twik / Jeans, H&M Рripped by yours truly (similar) / Booties, Jefferey Campbell / Hat, LF (similar) / Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Despite the fact that I couldn’t feel my knees by the time this shoot was over, I’m really quite in love with this look. From my new booties (which I absolutely adore, thank you Jefferey Campbell!) to the loosely tied back hairstyle, this warm, casual outfit is perfect for the quickly chilling weather. I also can’t pass up an excuse to break out my fedora, or my new comfy grey sweater. xx








Blouse, Zara / Booties, Sam Edelman / Jeans, Zara / Jacket, Hinge / Bag, H&M

Skinny jeans, booties, and a leather jacket. Could life get any better? Although some might say this is a typical me outfit, they would also say that long baggy blouses are not entirely my scene. They would be right on both counts. I think that when trying out a piece that’s not so much your style, it’s comforting to pair a new piece with the things you’re most comfortable in. That way, you can allow yourself to ease into a new trend that you’re trying out, and you know you’re sticking to your own style. Being bold with the things you wear is one of the best parts about fashion. But if you’re anything like me, there’s hesitation the first time you wear a new trend outside of the house. Is it going to look okay? Am I going to regret this outfit later? Even if it doesn’t, at least you were comfortable! If you do like it, try going even¬†bolder the next time around. xx

Unhealthy Obsessions

IMG_1181 IMG_1194 IMG_1193 IMG_1208 IMG_1210


Sweater Dress, H&M / Jacket, Sparkle and Fade / Boots, Sam Edelman

Three unhealthy obsessions of mine: moto jackets, fluffy knits (as shown in an earlier post), and of course, boots! The moto jacket obsession has really taken a turn for the worst, however. I came upon this cream colored jacket in my Black Friday shopping spree, and at such a low price I couldn’t resist it! Plus, I told myself, it’s cream. So that’s entirely different from any moto jacket I already have. (Me and my weird Black Friday logic). The sweater dress I’ve had for a couple of weeks, but due to weather I haven’t had such a perfect opportunity to wear it as I did today. It’s extremely cozy (think constantly being hugged by clouds) and versatile in both color and shape. The booties I also haven’t worn, due to fear of scuffing them up. But now that I’ve finally taken the leap of faith, I don’t think I’ll ever not be able to wear them. Happy December everyone! xx

Warm Tones on a Chilly Day

IMG_0779IMG_0763 IMG_0777 IMG_0795 IMG_0772 IMG_0785 IMG_0782

Coat, MaxMara / Boots, Madewell / T-shirt, Zara / Midi Rings, Urban Outfitters / Silver Rings, Small Boutique on Pier 39

I’ve been waiting for what feels like a lifetime to wear this coat again. I don’t often wear warm tones, but when I do I always feel so cozy and ready for fall. This Camel coat is the perfect addition to any fall outfit. It instantly adds a little sophistication, even to go-to my simple jean and tee combo. If you’re looking for a good Camel-colored coat, I’d definitely suggest looking at Asos! Last I checked, they had a wealth of them. The booties are also perfect for fall, with their brown and slightly worn-out look. I usually don’t wear much from Madewell, but they make great quality pieces and add an effortlessly chic tone to any outfit. Happy fall! xx