The “Closed-Toe” Craze?





Dress, BP / Sweater, LF / Boots, Topshop / Hat, LF

Happy May! Recently I’ve been really into wearing closed toe shoes with long skirts and dresses… Like really into it. The other day I wore my Converse with a maxi skirt, I wore this today, and I’ll probably pull the stunt again within the next week. I used to despise the idea, but I’ve had a change of heart since I saw Kylie Jenner rocking her Converse with a grey maxi, and multiple people pulling off booties with maxi dresses at Coachella! I love it because it’s a fresh new way of wearing a maxi skirt without the typical maxi skirt, flowy top, and sandal combo. (Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be seeing me in that exact outfit probably more often than not in the summer heat, but everyone can benefit from mixing it up every once in a while!) xx

Welcome to the Family








Dress, Brandy Melville / Shoes, Dr. Martens / Jacket, Sparkle and Fade / Bag, H&M / Fedora, LF

Welcome the newest member to my boot family, my Doc Martens! After eyeing these bold shoes for ages, they’ve finally made the leap from my wishlist to my closet, and I could not be more in love. They have more versatility than one would think and although I haven’t finished breaking them in yet, my friends say they’re the comfiest shoes they own. I can’t wait to pair them with lightweight dresses in the summer, ripped up jeans in the winter, and much more. xx

Surprisingly Practical









Jacket, H&M / Turtleneck, H&M / Jeans, American Apparel / Boots, Topshop / Hat, BP

I noticed today that I haven’t ever shared this fabulous jacket with you all! I purchased it back in December for my trip to New York, and boy was that a great decision. I love this jacket (and all fur jackets) because they can take almost any outfit and add some serious luxe to it, without going over the top like sometimes a long coat can. Strange as it may sound, fur coats can even be practical for somebody who lives a colder climate. Instead of throwing a leather jacket or a blazer over a simple outfit, a fur jacket during the winter adds an extra “umph” and shields you from the cold quite nicely. xx

Beanies and Booties

IMG_0494 IMG_0501 IMG_0509 IMG_0523

Beanie, H&M / Sunnies, Ray Ban / Jacket, Gap / Top, Primark / Jeans, American Apparel / Boots, Topshop

So after my post yesterday I decided that if I can’t have winter here, I’m going to simply pretend its cold by wearing my favorite Fall outfits. How the weather is strange here. I’ve had these booties since last Spring, and I’ve been in love with them ever since. Because I bought them right before the warm season, I haven’t gotten many opportunities to wear them. I intend to right this wrong by wearing them as much as I can this A/W season. I think everybody needs some little black booties in their closet! xx