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I noticed today that I haven’t ever shared this fabulous jacket with you all! I purchased it back in December for my trip to New York, and boy was that a great decision. I love this jacket (and all fur jackets) because they can take almost any outfit and add some serious luxe to it, without going over the top like sometimes a long coat can. Strange as it may sound, fur coats can even be practical for somebody who lives a colder climate. Instead of throwing a leather jacket or a blazer over a simple outfit, a fur jacket during the winter adds an extra “umph” and shields you from the cold quite nicely. xx

Pumpkin Picking

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Finally an excuse to wear a scarf! Despite the fact that weather in the Bay Area is still too high for coats and hats, an hour long drive can cure that. The pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay are simply endearing, and it felt so nice to do something “Autumny.”  On days when I just can’t figure out what to wear this is my go-to outfit. Jeans and a t-shirt is a comfortable combo but it can be done up in such a variety of ways. You can throw on a pair of flats and a cool blazer or a leather jacket and Chucks and it’ll always look good. xx