Grandma’s House

There’s something about going to my Grandma’s house – drinking tea and admiring her garden – that make me feel a little more girly and a little more dainty than usual. So when I finally gave in to the uncontrollable urge to buy this dress, I knew there was only one place I wanted to shoot it.

Aritzia Dress, Brandy Melville Choker, BP Hat


Of course, girly-ness reaches a point of discomfort with me. So I had to rough up the look with touches of black, the beat up sneakers, and the velvet choker. Usually, I’m hesitant to toss around black accents with a summery outfit – they can come across as harsh and can ruin an outfit in a second.

IMG_3859 FullSizeRender

But I tried adding the accents to the top and bottom while avoiding the creation of a stark divide across the dress (ie: a big black belt) and I think it worked! The black draws the eyes around the look without overpowering it.

IMG_3863 IMG_3861 IMG_3862

The other accents were natural. The braid prevents overpowering the neck area (imagine my hair, the straps, and the choker – a disaster in the making) in what’s supposed to be a light look. Meanwhile, the rose-gold sunglasses are a subtle way to bring in some color and shine.

The teacup is half for fun and half for my caffeine fix.

IMG_3864 IMG_3865


Unsensible and Ridiculous










Shirt, BP // Skirt, Forever 21 // Jacket, AllSaints // Hat, Free People

As unsensible as leather on leather in the middle of June sounds, it’s actually something I’ve been considering a lot lately. There’s something about leather that makes everybody feel cool, or free, and I can only help but feel that summer also makes us feel this way. If we overlap the two, who knows how many people would be confidently **swaggering** around right now. In addition to these thoughts, consider the massive upswing of suede styles currently in stores. People are willing to put themselves into trendy(ish) suede to summer fashion – why not our ever-in-style leather?

Again, I must emphasize my complete insanity for even suggesting leather in this season, but these are just some thoughts I’ve been exploring. When the weather is even somewhat forgiving this summer, you can rest assured that I’ll probably be melting somewhere dressed head to toe in leather.


New Obsessions








Blazer, Urban Outfitters / Dress, Urban Outfitters / Bag, Madewell

It’s official: blazers are my new favorite piece (you’ll also be spotting one in my next outfit post). As somebody who adores the idea of edgier looks with a bit of polish, blazers are the perfect addition to my closet. They instantly take any outfit and make it look like you’ve put more thought into it than you actually have, and are flattering an pretty much any figure. Definitely a must have for any season! xx

P.S. This bag = another new obsession of mine, thank you Madewell for making something so loveable.

Buried Treasure









Coat, Burberry / Hat, Hudson’s Bay Company / Shoes, Converse / Long t-shirt, Aritzia / Jeans, American Apparel

As I frantically scanned the collective family rack of unused clothes for something to wear, my eyes landed on this beautiful Burberry coat that I had never laid eyes on before. Obviously this was an exciting moment for me, because who wouldn’t get excited over a Burberry Coat? I couldn’t wait to try it on and put my own twist on the classic long black coat with the Peter Pan collar. As I have spoken about in the past, I like to try to take something that isn’t necessarily my style and make it interesting by wearing all typical “me pieces” with it. My Converse (although a new and brighter pair) and a beanie paying homage to the Canadian Olympic team seemed to do the trick. xx