Rip ‘Em Up






Tee, Brandy Melville / Jeans, H&M / Dr. Martens / Hat, LF

So I know that I used these jeans only two posts ago, but I feel as though they weren’t fully addressed. I mean, look at them. So me being me, I decided to rip them up, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! I’ve been dying for some jeans with the intense mid-thigh to below-the-knee rip, and this is exactly how I pictured them.

Also, meet my pup Tucker. (He may be 6 but he’ll always be a puppy to me). xx

It’s a Skirt Thing

IMG_2894 IMG_2895




Skirt, Zara / Jacket, Earl Jeans / Necklace, Tiffany and Co. / Boots, Dr. Martens

In all honesty, I’m not much of a skirt person. To me they’re a little more hassle than they’re worth and I always find myself adjusting and pulling them around. But, just like everything else, I can make an exception. This skirt really stood out to me for multiple reasons, and yes, the color scheme is one of them! They other main reason I love the skirt is that it has that tuxedo skirt flare without the formality of a tuxedo skirt, which I absolutely love. I also must acknowledge this amazing jean jacket by Earl Jeans that got handed down to me! The fit and color are perfect – a new summer staple! xx

Mom Jeans







Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Dr. Marten’s /  Black Shirt, Topshop / Yellow Shirt, Lush / Bag, Steve Madden

Mom Jeans. Probably the most unappealing name given to a pair of pants, ever. Contrary to the types of pants this name refers to (high waisted, unflattering, baggy jeans), these jeans go against common sense by creating a slimming effect. But before you go ordering a pair, I have to disclose my number one rule about shopping: never, ever, buy pants or jeans online. I’ve been dying for some mom jeans since the fall, but it’s taken me this long to find just the right pair. I tried on countless pairs of jeans before I found some that looked good on me.  These jeans are only flattering if they fit you perfectly, so if you decide to get a pair (and I highly recommend that you do!) I warn that it will take patience and determination. But I believe in you! xx

P.S. If you noticed, I did go blonder! You’re not just imagining it; I recently got highlights and I’m loving the blond(er) life!










Skirt, Brandy Melville / Halter, Brandy Melville / Necklace, Juicy Couture / Bag, April in Paris / Boots, Dr. Marten / Hat, Forever 21

Although I may not be planning on attending a music festival this year, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the inspiration that comes with them! The entire festival season is such an interesting time to be watching fashion because it is during festivals that people really step out of their comfort zone in the way that they dress. A lot of stuff can slide by during a music festival that normally wouldn’t; busy outfits become really cool outfits, and flower crowns become an essential. I’ll be posting Coachella-inspired outfits all week to make up for the the fact that I’m not one of the lucky bunch that gets to go! xx