Photo Diary: Experimenting with Film

My mom’s old Minolta 35 mm film camera has been sitting on my shelf, virtually unused, for almost 5 years now. In April, upon arriving home with unlimited summer inspiration, I decided I would finally really break it out for some experimentation. Throughout the summer, I brought this trusty camera with me on all my adventures, only planning on taking a couple of photos on each excursion. Here are (some of) the results:

Scan 9

Scan 16

Scan 6

Scan 18

Scan 30

Scan 12

Scan 20

Scan 27

Scan 4

 After 4 months of usage, it’s safe to say that I’ll be using this camera until it practically crumbles apart in my hands. I have grown to love using film on adventures, for many reasons. The primary reason? It truly allows you to enjoy the moment, taking in the experience rather than worrying about getting the perfect shot. If you’re not worrying about framing the perfect photograph, chances are the one picture you did take will capture the moment just perfectly.