Unhealthy Obsessions

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Sweater Dress, H&M / Jacket, Sparkle and Fade / Boots, Sam Edelman

Three unhealthy obsessions of mine: moto jackets, fluffy knits (as shown in an earlier post), and of course, boots! The moto jacket obsession has really taken a turn for the worst, however. I came upon this cream colored jacket in my Black Friday shopping spree, and at such a low price I couldn’t resist it! Plus, I told myself, it’s cream. So that’s entirely different from any moto jacket I already have. (Me and my weird Black Friday logic). The sweater dress I’ve had for a couple of weeks, but due to weather I haven’t had such a perfect opportunity to wear it as I did today. It’s extremely cozy (think constantly being hugged by clouds) and versatile in both color and shape. The booties I also haven’t worn, due to fear of scuffing them up. But now that I’ve finally taken the leap of faith, I don’t think I’ll ever not be able to wear them. Happy December everyone! xx

The Skort 2.0 and Fluffy Knits

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Jumper, Forever 21 / Skort, Zara / Boots, H&M

I’m taking the skort into winter! When I bought the interesting piece back in August, I thought ahead and decided to buy it in black rather than white. Although the rule that one can’t wear white after labor day has been overturned, you can’t argue with the fact that it might look a little weird to see someone walking around wearing a white skort in the middle of the cold season. To transition the skort, I used the two easiest methods; a sweater and a pair of tights. A comfy sweater can transition almost anything to cold weather, from a mini skirt to a pair of denim overalls.

As for the sweater, you have to be living under a rock to not notice this fluffy texture showing up in knitwear in almost every store. I recommend Topshop and H&M to get a sweater like this, despite the fact the one that I’m wearing is from Forever 21. Topshop and H&M have this knit in many basic colors and styles, where Forever 21 has a multitude of patterned sweaters. However you like your sweaters, definitely pick up one of these new winter staples! xx