Versatility and Practicality: the Two Best Words







Leather Skirt, Forever 21 / Tee, Brandy Melville (similar) / Trench, H&M (similar) / Backpack, Herschel

The main thing you should take away from this post is that leather mini skirts give me life. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know this. I snagged this amazing skirt at Forever 21 and I have to say it is treating me well. The A-line shape is perfect for so many outfits and the faux leather has just enough give to be comfortable yet keep its shape. I would now consider this skirt a staple for all seasons, (except maybe winter for obvious reasons) and would definitely recommend one for all! The other subject I wanted to touch on was my Herschel backpack. I’m loving the trend of fashion-forward backpacks for their practicality and the cool, casual essence they bring to any outfit. Now, we all can’t afford Cara Delevingne’s stellar line for Mulberry, so I just wanted to show that this trend can definitely work with more casual and more affordable bags. My personal fave is Herschel, because they’re amazing quality bags with great color variation, organizational features, and have a great variety of cool styles to choose from!



Last Minute


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image (14)

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Skirt, Urban Outfitters / Tank, H&M / Jacket, Forever 21 / Shoes, Topshop / Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Finally, what I wore to the FAST Fashion show! This outfit came together a mere 15 frantic minutes before I left for the event. I’ve found that whenever I’m in dire need of something to wear, places like Urban Outfitters are always there to save me. Without this last minute find, this outfit wouldn’t be half of what it is. Eclectic stores like Urban are great places for when your mind is drawing an outfit blank because everything from the music to the outfits on the mannequins to the decor is inspiring. You know that there is always at least one majorly interesting piece waiting for you inside, one that you can pair with basics and still make it look like you put a ton of effort and thought into the look. xx


The Skort 2.0 and Fluffy Knits

IMG_1123 IMG_1138 IMG_1151 IMG_1146 IMG_1155IMG_1130

Jumper, Forever 21 / Skort, Zara / Boots, H&M

I’m taking the skort into winter! When I bought the interesting piece back in August, I thought ahead and decided to buy it in black rather than white. Although the rule that one can’t wear white after labor day has been overturned, you can’t argue with the fact that it might look a little weird to see someone walking around wearing a white skort in the middle of the cold season. To transition the skort, I used the two easiest methods; a sweater and a pair of tights. A comfy sweater can transition almost anything to cold weather, from a mini skirt to a pair of denim overalls.

As for the sweater, you have to be living under a rock to not notice this fluffy texture showing up in knitwear in almost every store. I recommend Topshop and H&M to get a sweater like this, despite the fact the one that I’m wearing is from Forever 21. Topshop and H&M have this knit in many basic colors and styles, where Forever 21 has a multitude of patterned sweaters. However you like your sweaters, definitely pick up one of these new winter staples! xx

Houndstooth Heaven

IMG_0695 IMG_0729 IMG_0718

Skirt, Zara / Sweater, Forever 21 / Shoes, Topshop

The desperate search for a plaid mini skirt came to a stop as soon as I spotted this Houndstooth mini at Zara. Though not the colorful plaid that seems to be popping up everywhere, I love that the skirt gives the same bold affect. It can be paired with the same things as a plaid mini and possibly even more due to its monochromatic color scheme. I live in California, so I plan on wearing this amazing little piece all winter long, but you guys over on the East Coast definitely can rock the mini all  season too! (Maybe just plan on staying indoors when wearing one) Whether you decide on plaid or houndstooth, definitely pick up a bold mini skirt for this A/W season! xx