In light of all the leopard we saw this past fashion week and an attempt to ~feminize~ my fall look…

imgp8864 imgp8854

Finding this dress was a blessing sent from another realm. In this weird transitional time I keep finding myself gravitating towards my baggy jeans, vans, and simple tees, and leaving my look at that. While I’m all for simplicity, the effortless cool one feels whilst wearing blue jeans and a white tank has gradually slipped into a mundane dressing routine, and I’m beginning to hate it.

imgp8831 imgp8817

The result of this pendulum swing is a newfound attraction to more feminine dressing that I haven’t felt in a long time. Just in time for fall, too, when life is becoming routine again and I need something refreshing. Wearing a skirt or a dress can put a spring in my step that nothing else can, and you don’t need baggy jeans to bring you down when school is already doing so.


Here’s to another 2 (maybe 3) weeks of being able to wear this dress! Then I’ll have to start engaging my brain while getting dressed again.


Grandma’s House

There’s something about going to my Grandma’s house – drinking tea and admiring her garden – that make me feel a little more girly and a little more dainty than usual. So when I finally gave in to the uncontrollable urge to buy this dress, I knew there was only one place I wanted to shoot it.

Aritzia Dress, Brandy Melville Choker, BP Hat


Of course, girly-ness reaches a point of discomfort with me. So I had to rough up the look with touches of black, the beat up sneakers, and the velvet choker. Usually, I’m hesitant to toss around black accents with a summery outfit – they can come across as harsh and can ruin an outfit in a second.

IMG_3859 FullSizeRender

But I tried adding the accents to the top and bottom while avoiding the creation of a stark divide across the dress (ie: a big black belt) and I think it worked! The black draws the eyes around the look without overpowering it.

IMG_3863 IMG_3861 IMG_3862

The other accents were natural. The braid prevents overpowering the neck area (imagine my hair, the straps, and the choker – a disaster in the making) in what’s supposed to be a light look. Meanwhile, the rose-gold sunglasses are a subtle way to bring in some color and shine.

The teacup is half for fun and half for my caffeine fix.

IMG_3864 IMG_3865


6 States, 6 Days: Part V

Yellowstone National Park.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of it at first. Our first impression was what we saw as we came in through its southern entrance – meaning we had to drive for 2 hours through a vast forest of scraggly evergreen trees. I won’t blame this part of the forest for the wildfire it had to endure not too long ago, but I was not in awe as I had been while viewing the Grand Teton National Park.

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But, as things usually go, I was proved wrong but nature. Once the forest cleared for the first time, I could finally see the beauty and I finally understood what made this park so special.

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There’s something about Yellowstone that is still so natural. Virtually untouched by man – once you get off the two lane road that runs through the park – it emits a sort of calm that I’ve never experienced before.

It holds knowledge that we can’t comprehend, and contains stories that we’ll never hear. It exists in its own microcosm within our world, unaware of the troubles we humans face outside of its borders. The herds of bison have no regard for our troubles, and the many bears that live there were happier than we were to avoid an encounter. Yellowstone exists for the livelihood of its inhabitants, and that is what makes it such a beautiful escape for us mere humans.

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So yea, that was Yellowstone.

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And that’s it for the road trip!

You may be sitting here wondering – what the hell were the 6 states? By the time we reached our destination of Vancouver, we drove through: Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Not even to mention we had to drive across California to begin the trip! Now I’m settled into Vancouver for the summer and you can expect a post from here soon. Before then, though, look forward to one of my favorite shoots from back home in California!


6 States, 6 Days: Part III

Another look from Sun Valley featuring Madewell denim.

In all honesty, this post is really just about the jeans. I’ve discussed these boots to death, and you’ve seen this incredible bomber before. And the background? It’s our very very cute Airbnb – The Lodge in Sun Valley – but clearly the pictures are not about that either.

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Madewell Jeans, Topshop Bomber, Free People Boots, Zara Necktie

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It’s rare to come across a pair of jeans that manage to make you feel like so many different people at once, all the while making you feel 150% you. 

To name a few of the personas I can take on while donning these jeans: western cowboy, 70’s groupie, Americana enthusiast.

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But here, I’ve chosen to dress up as the me persona – a questionable mix of urban street and west-coast-retro casual.

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