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Moto Pants, American Eagle / Blouse, H&M / Jean Jacket, Gap / Shoes, Converse / Hat, H&M

Today’s outfit is probably the epitome of a “me” outfit. I love to mix slightly rebellious pieces with girly touches, but the overall tone of the outfit is much more edgy than not. These moto pants are a new favorite addition to my wardrobe. I needed some color in my wardrobe, and I also needed some new pants. But I was definitely hesitant to buy colored pants, because let’s face it; the last pair of colored pants I wore were my hot pink skinny jeans from 6th Grade. The thing I love about green, however, is that it acts as a sort of denim. It’s neutral for the most part, unless you intend to highlight the color with the rest of what you’re wearing. We’ve been seeing army green a lot lately,  and army green is great, but I’d suggest going  for something evergreen, like my pants! xx

“This Madame, is Versailles”

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It was going to come out eventually. Yes, despite my style which leans toward the casual side, I absolutely adore the movie Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola. Though the story of Marie Antoinette’s life was sad, there is no shame in taking some inspiration from this beautifully shot and styled film. If I’m ever feeling frivolous, I watch it. If I need to feel a little more frivolous, I watch it. If I feel like sitting around in sweats and a t-shirt, I still watch it.

I’m not one to wear pastel colored frills, but there’s something about this movie that can bring the girliness out of anybody. I actually take a lot of inspiration from this film when picking outfits for formal events. It gets me excited to dress up in a pretty dress and put on heels and just be a girl. The credits start rolling and suddenly all I want to do is go out and buy something pink and frilly. If you ever need a fresh outlook on style, you might consider turning back to the 18th century.

*Photos not mine*

Feeling Festive

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Jacket, H&M / Dress, American Eagle / Boots, Topshop / Socks, American Apparel

Although a little premature, I couldn’t help but daydream today about what festivities lie ahead in which I’ll be able to wear luxurious combinations of dresses, coats, tulle, and more. I picked up this coat at H&M, and even was surprised at how little it seems like it’s as cheap as it was. I’m a sucker for any mix of pretty and edgy. I paired the girly tulle dress with a black jacket and black leather boots for a perfectly satisfying Yin and Yang feel. Definitely expect some similar combos this upcoming Holiday season. (Gosh, how am I already thinking of the holidays?!) xx