The “Closed-Toe” Craze?





Dress, BP / Sweater, LF / Boots, Topshop / Hat, LF

Happy May! Recently I’ve been really into wearing closed toe shoes with long skirts and dresses… Like really into it. The other day I wore my Converse with a maxi skirt, I wore this today, and I’ll probably pull the stunt again within the next week. I used to despise the idea, but I’ve had a change of heart since I saw Kylie Jenner rocking her Converse with a grey maxi, and multiple people pulling off booties with maxi dresses at Coachella! I love it because it’s a fresh new way of wearing a maxi skirt without the typical maxi skirt, flowy top, and sandal combo. (Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be seeing me in that exact outfit probably more often than not in the summer heat, but everyone can benefit from mixing it up every once in a while!) xx

Still Warm in Cali

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Top, Asos / Skirt, Brandy Melville / Shoes, Chinese Laundry / Bag, Steve Madden

As a final tribute to summer, I decided to make a couple last warm weather posts before the weather starts to chill down here in California. (I’m sorry East-Coasters, but warm weather outfits are what you’ll be seeing this week!) I wrote a post about these flats last month, and my opinion of them hasn’t changed one bit. I am somebody who’s never even considered a closed toe shoe with a maxi skirt, but these shoes seem to work with everything. The slit in the skirt also adds an interesting aspect to the look, and perhaps that is the only reason these shoes worked. Regardless, this is a combination I will most definitely return to next summer. xx