The Trench

Untitled #583
When seeing a trench the first thing that usually comes to mind is either a preppy Brit or a spy. I, a young woman from Canada, are neither of those things. So how do we style the trench, a wonderful staple to have in one’s closet, in a way that stays fresh and with the times? Below are a few ways I will be styling my new trench from H&M (as shown in the first outfit), while using other trenches as examples.
Untitled #584

Untitled #584 by munroe-megan featuring zara jeans

The real tricks I used in this outfit were the rips in the jeans and the Birkenstocks. Both of these aspects keep the outfit light and casual, making the trench accessible to all aspects of our daily lives.

Untitled #585

Untitled #585 by munroe-megan featuring black handbags

This outfit is a more edgy way to style a trench, with the leather pants and all black Converse. Always avoid looking like an undercover agent by leaving the trench open.

Untitled #586
I really liked creating this outfit because it’s very rare that you see a pair of denim cutoffs paired with a trench. But as long as the trench is shorter also, I really don’t see a problem!
Untitled #587

Untitled #587 by munroe-megan featuring Topshop

I think my favorite way to see trenches styled is with dresses. Having a long jacket over a shorter dress, to me, looks so chic and effortless while remaining extremely sophisticated. I also threw in a bit of the sporty-chic trend by using the DKNY baseball cap.
Untitled #588

Untitled #588 by munroe-megan featuring a purple shirt

This outfit I created with a University student in mind (if only University students could afford Chanel backpacks). The layering is done for practicality and in true University student fashion, as trenches making an incredible layering piece! The roomy arms and general lightness of them makes them a perfect candidate to throw over a chunky sweater in the fall. xx

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites
A couple of posts ago I commented on my excitement regarding the plaid trend this fall. Well, I decided I may as well show you guys everything I’m excited about for this season!  You can still see the bits of plaid in there too. In the top left I show my interest in Moto Jackets this season. They’re surprisingly versatile in that they go with everything without overdoing the edginess. I’m also really excited for things that come back every year, like the booties, beanies and sweaters. I’ve also had my eye on that green velvet jumpsuit for a while– we’ll see if I will end up taking the leap! xx

Genie Shoes

I recently bought these flats after months of dreaming about them being in my closet. I first saw the interesting shape (reminds me of something a Genie might pick out) back in the spring, and have been considering them ever since. When I saw the Rose Gold color I decided to take the leap because it’s not often that you can find such a good quality looking shoe in a shiny hue. They are by far the best flats I’ve ever owned, despite the fact I’ve owned them for only about 24 hours now. I plan on wearing these lovely shoes in outfits like the ones below: