Outside Lands 2016

I’ve just cut my wristband off, meaning OSL 2016 is over and I’ve been thrown back into reality. Having been once before, I thought I knew what to expect when it came to my first three-day experience at the festival. I was, of course, wrong – I got much more than just 3X the experience from last year.

This year’s OSL squad

We started out the first day with checking out the famed gallery of murals presented at OSL every year. It is, after all, a music and arts festival. This one pictured above was a personal favorite for not only us but for most attendees looking for a good picture – if you don’t believe me, just check out the OSL location tag on Instagram.

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Free People Coat, Bodysuit, and Skirt
Day 1’s Look: Free People Coat, Bodysuit, and Skirt

And of course, because this is a fashion blog and because I went to a festival, here’s what I wore. I’ve been dying for a proper introduction of this coat and OSL provided the perfect outlet! While I worried about being overdressed, I knew I was going to wear it and the compliments I received, along with how amazing I felt in it, made it all worth it.

Footwear choices

Processed with VSCO with kk2 presetDay 2 was even better than Day 1. (This was actually a trend throughout the weekend – it only got better as the days went on.) The acts we saw included The Last Shadow Puppets, Air, Years & Years, and Zedd. Seeing The Last Shadow Puppets was kind of a big deal for me. The lead singer is Alex Turner, who also happens to be the lead singer for the Arctic Monkeys. Not many people know this, so the concert was super low-key and we got in super close to the stage. It was a concert I’ll remember for a very long time.

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Day 2’s Look: Zara Jacket, Topshop Jeans, Fjallraven Backpack, UO Bodysuit

My favorite leopard bomber made its second annual appearance at OSL – it’s perfect for the weather we face at Golden Gate Park (cold and damp from the fog) and additionally it makes for a great fall festival fashion statement.

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I didn’t bother trying to document any of the actual concert experiences (save the picture of Alex Turner below). I think we can all understand the frustration of not being able to capture the essence of a moment in a photograph or a video, and of course trying to accomplish that using a measly iPhone 5 camera doesn’t help. But trust me when I tell you that each and every concert was incredible. My friends and I even commented on the fact that while OSL usually isn’t rife with Billboard Top Ten artists, all the acts put on quality shows and put out great music, so there’s no going wrong at this festival.

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Alex Turner with The Last Shadow Puppets (his band that isn’t the Arctic Monkeys)

I didn’t end up taking a lot of pictures on Day 3. Our day was packed with performances and we just didn’t have a lot of spare time to take pictures of the environment or our outfits! (I did, however, end up wearing a variation of the first look from my planning guide complete with boxer braids and my trusty backpack!) We ended up seeing Snakehips, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, and Lana Del Rey – all breathtaking shows. Having Lana as our last show was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. Her emotionally charged songs seamlessly lent themselves to a nostalgic reflection of the past three days, and it was clear that everyone in the audience felt the same way.

So that was Outside Lands 2016. I will definitely be back – maybe even OSL 2017?!

Nothing Better Than Home

I was so very fortunate enough to be able to go home for the weekend. Think of it as an early-because-we-got-a-great-deal-on-the-flight Thanksgiving break. It was such a nice breath of fresh in the middle of a relatively hectic couple of months for me.

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To be honest this post isn’t so much about the outfit – I’m sure I’ve worn something just like this before here on theClosetCraze. To keep it plain and simple, this is a home appreciation post. I mean look at these pictures! Nothing is more breathtaking than this year’s fall in the Napa Valley.

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Because this is a style blog: Free People Sweater, American Eagle Pants, Converse

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Some more home appreciation: The Fremont Diner: the only place I will allow myself to eat chicken and waffles. All Hail the Fremont Diner.

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Now it’s back to the dusty library I have the burden of calling my second home. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting though.)




The Outside Lands Music Festival, which took place this past weekend, was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Seeing Elton John perform live was a privilege and a dream-like memory that I will hold on to forever. These days, it feels like the hype of music festivals surrounds basically anything other than what an amazing time they can be. Don’t get me wrong – the style was amazing and although I didn’t see any, a celebrity siting would have been interesting, but Outside Lands was a serious reminder that the goal should be an indescribable experience brought to us through music, and nothing else.

Famous Outside Lands Windmill

With that said, here’s what I wore:

Zara Jacket, Free People Jeans, Vintage Sunnies, Free People Scarf, Urban Outfitters Tank

And here are some more pictures:

meganmunroe: ‘we r ur aesthetic’ (Instagram) // On Megan (left) Lucky Brand Tank, Quay Sunnies


On Sophia (right): Free People Dress, Ray Ban Sunnies

Did any of you attend Outside Lands, or any other music festival this summer?? Let me know!


Photo Diary: Golden City

Last week I experienced the joy of returning home to SF for my reading week. I relaxed, rejuvenated, and recovered from the anxiety that is midterm season.

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Spending seven hours at the YYZ Airport inevitably leads to photo-ops.

In the most cliche of terms, you truly don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. The grass is always greener on the other side. Etc., etc.

But the reality is, these phrases are overused for a reason.

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 More of my lovely feet, for your pleasure.

Returning home was like experiencing the glory of the Bay Area for the first time all over again. I felt that electricity and spirit of adventure rising up inside of me again, urging me to embark on long scenic drives and stroll the colorful city sidewalks with a rediscovered pride. I experienced the kind of energy you can only get in San Francisco.

I romanticized the hell out of that city.

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 Stinson Beach – in other words, your typical highway 1 beach town.

And you know what?

I cannot regret not romanticizing it while I had the chance to every single day.

Because honestly, how dreamy can something you see every day possibly be? Sometimes it truly does take leaving a place to realize the things that you miss so much. The minute aspects of life that you grew accustomed to begin to manifest themselves in your memory as large, evidently significant details of your daily endeavors in that place.

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Jane on Fillmore, a definite must for any visitor to the area.

Leaving San Francisco for University has improved my appreciation for it immensely. I miss it every day, and for every day I miss it I have a different reason to.

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Outdoor dining at its finest, curiously found at a local bookstore.

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Prius in the background – found in any contemporary photograph of SF.

Being back in Montreal has solidified these sentiments. Not to say that I don’t adore this French city I’m so lucky to call a second home – I’m sure I will appreciate it when I am home for the summer as much as I appreciate the Bay Area now.

But as finals roll around and my first year of University closes in on me, I’ll have a California sunset to guide me home, and it will have never been so radiant.