Intro to Spring

I call this post “Intro to Spring” as if May wasn’t coming to a close right now. But the fact is I haven’t posted any outfits for this glorious sartorial period of time we’re in! I love spring because you get the benefits of wearing jackets but with outfits that encompass all the inspiration and excitement of summer.

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This look, for example, makes a strong nod to the warm weather when you break down the individual pieces and ignore the dark color story. The shirt dress, the cropped suede jacket, and festive backpack all point towards a look for running to work in June. But the darker tones bring it back to the winter period we just came out of.

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Free People Dress, Zara Suede Jacket, Topshop Overcoat, Thrifted Backpack, Jefferey Campbell Booties

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Taking this compromised approach creates a lovely harmony of feelings towards the way I dress during this time. Nobody can quit jacket season cold turkey, but you also get so inspired by the season that you can’t help but to throw on a dress instead of those same jeans you’ve worn for the past three months.

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Photos: Haley LeBaron


Musée Looks

I usually don’t go for indoor shoots, but I needed to show you guys this jacket ASAP and it’s not exactly weatherproof. Regardless, I think the pictures turned out great! Me and my favorite photographer Haley (check out her site here!) ventured to one of my favorite places in Montreal – the Musee des Beaux Arts.

Zara jacket, Free People Scarf + Jeans


Alone time is very important to me – Every once in a while I just need to refocus my thoughts and this quiet museum provides the perfect environment. That said, this time I was not alone at the museum, and it was equally as fun!

IMGP0026 IMGP0034

With regards to the outfit – I got this jacket at Zara two weeks ago and never looked back. It’s actually turned out to be a great layering piece for colder days – so I’ve been able to wear my favorite blouses out of the house without covering them up with a sweater!

The skinny scarf is another key piece to note – I’ve worn it before and every time I wear it, it feels like it adds something different the each look.



Girl on the Run

I saw Thelma and Louise for the first time last week. It may or may not have influenced this outfit/shoot theme. You be the judge. I loved the movie, despite the abrupt and slightly disturbing ending… Though everyone I talked to was shocked at my reaction considering how famous the scene is. I’m trying really hard to not put out any spoilers right now, but needless to say, go see it if you haven’t!

As for the look itself, it’s really just a compilation of my favorite things. I of course returned to my favorite Canadian tuxedo, being majorly inspired by the style in the film. Then, I threw in my favorite booties, (which you’ve seen more than enough of by now), and then for a polishing touch, a button down blouse and a super cool skinny scarf fashioned as a neck tie.


This outfit is yet another nod to a former decade. Though inspired by an early 90’s film, the look drips with 70’s accents, from the colors, to the blouse, to the skinny scarf. The decade continues to provide versatile influences – the 70’s are everywhere, even if it’s not obvious.

Free People Jeans, Boots, Scarf / Zara Blouse / Gap Jacket

Grey, Ribbed, and Cool All Over: TheClosetCraze X Lime & Vine

Photos: Haley LeBaron

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Skirt, Lime & Vine / Coat, Zara

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be contacted by a new company called Lime & Vine. Upon perusing their site I was instantly intrigued – their products are truly chic comfort at its finest. This skirt was the perfect way to introduce me to the brand. I’ve been looking for the perfect bodycon midi and this totally fit the bill! Though I don’t normally lunge at an opportunity to dress like Kim Kardashian, the layered and raw edges of the skirt keep it casual enough to wear with some favored sneakers rather than Louboutins.

I’m so excited to be experimenting more with skirts this season – I’ve faced the harsh winter of Montreal once and this year I’m ready to take it on head-to-head; I refuse to compromise my style to stay warm, and absolutely insist on wearing more skirts this Winter!! An additional note: if you follow me on Instagram you already know, but I did go blonder! I needed something to remind me of sunny California days as I head into the dark of winter, and this seemed to do the trick.


Check out Lime & Vine’s website and Instagram!

Photos: Haley LeBaron